Working on treatments for what's coming



In light of the evolving threat posed by the novel corona virus, AMINO has dedicated operations towards R&D of molecules and delivery systems to contribute towards possible solutions. The research we conduct in other areas remains unaffected by this decision.

Our Mission

At AMINO, we aim to tackle challenges before they turn into threats. Our team consists of researchers trained at Harvard, MIT and Mayo Clinic, all working in tandem with intelligent machinery and exclusively licensed gene-editing technologies. Supported by a vertically integrated backbone, our company is equipped with unique advantages that allow it to preserve time and capital at every stage from lab to testing. 

Our Story

Formed as a spin-off of Xenomics, our company is led by experienced scien-tists with a proven track record. As an initiative formed to have high social and medical impact, we build on decades of experience. 

New Initiatives, proven Experience

AMINO works on diseases that are new to humankind. Collaborating with research institutions around the world, we build on years of expertise and data. At AMINO, no projects starts from zero.


AMINO's parent company, Xenomics, has developed its gene-editing technology in cooperation with leading scientists from Harvard, MIT and MayoClinic.

Because no human is flawless, we've added intelligent robotics on top.

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